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Fossi Lou Balloons has been twisting up balloon animal fun in Louisville, KY since 2020. Fossi Lou loves working birthday parties, private and corporate events as well as community festivals! 

What started as a fun party trick making simple balloon dogs and swords has blown up into so much more! Fossi Lou has always enjoyed using her fun skill over the years, but a few years ago, she realized she had a bit of a knack for balloon animals so she learned more designs and started challenging herself. Through the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to make this her full time gig. 

Originally Fossi Lou, or Amber as she's known day to day, is from Georgia, but moved to Louisville, Ky in 2006 for school and never left. She met her dear husband Joe, and they now have the coolest entourage including their son Steven and two cats (Schrodinger and Violet a.k.a Meatball). 

Amber's stage and business name is inspired by her nickname from her niece and nephew (Aunt Fossi) and the city she loves and calls home.

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